Safety is the # 1 priority in our classroom. Our chemistry course involve lots of hands-on activities. We will be performing many experiments and demos that require the use of sensitive equipment and potentially hazardous chemicals. To ensure a safe learning environment, all students will be instructed in Chemistry Classroom Safety, a Safety Quiz will be given, and the Student / Parent / Guardian Safety Contract will be signed and filed at school. A copy of this contract should also be kept in your science notebook/binder, at hand at all times, as a reminder of safe classroom practices.

If necessary, extra safety considerations will be included on student worksheets; they also will be given orally at the start of each activity. Please read and review all the items below. Then fill out the second page, sign it and turn it in to your teacher.

  •          I will act responsibly at all times in the classroom. I understand that horseplay, jokes, and pranks are not appropriate 
             in the chemistry classroom.
  •          I will follow all instructions, written and verbal, about the laboratory procedures given by the teacher.
  •          I will not touch any equipment or supplies until instructed to do so by the teacher.
  •          I will perform only those activities that have been authorized by the teacher.
  •          I will never do anything that is not called for by the procedure. I understand that unauthorized experiments
             are forbidden.
  •          I will keep my table and the area around it clean and neat.
  •          I will wear my safety goggles whenever we are working with chemicals or heat.
             I understand that there are no exceptions to this rule.
  •          I will immediately notify the teacher of any emergency.
  •          I will tie back long hair, baggy clothes, and dangling jewelry while doing a laboratory activity.
  •          I know who to contact for help in case of an emergency.
  •          I will not take anything out of the classroom without permission from the teacher.
  •          I will never eat, drink, or chew gum in the classroom unless instructed to do so by the teacher.
  •          I will not use classroom equipment as containers for food or drink.



I,       ________________________________________________________________________________________________

               Student Name: Please print

Understand and agree to follow all safety rules in this contract. I understand that I must obey these rules to make sure those fellow students, my teacher, and I work and learn in a safe environment. I will cooperate completely with my teacher and fellow students to maintain a safe lab environment. I will also follow the oral and written instructions provided by the teacher. I am aware that any violation of this safety contract that results in unsafe conduct in the laboratory or misbehavior on my part will result in being removed from the activity, the classroom, or other appropriate measures to maintain safety.


Date: ______________________________________________________________________________________


Student signature:      __________________________________________________________________________ 


Dear Parent or Guardian:

I feel that you should be informed regarding the school’s effort to create and maintain a safe science classroom/laboratory environment.

You should be aware of the safety instructions your child will receive before participating in any laboratory work. Please read the list of safety rules above. No student will be permitted to perform laboratory activities unless this contract is signed by both the student and parent/guardian and is on file with the teacher.

Your signature on this contract indicates that you have read this Student Safety Contract, are aware of the measures taken to insure the safety of your child in the science laboratory, and will instruct your child to uphold his/her agreement to follow these rules and procedures in the laboratory.


Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature:      ___________________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Telephone #: ___________________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Telephone #:      ________________________________________________________________________


Date:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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